The Slovenian Rural Development Network


The Slovenian countryside is spangled with a wide variety of wonders. Natural resources, historical and cultural heritage and ground-breaking ideas, are the crucial elements for development of rural Slovenia. In order to ensure a prosperous development of rural areas, infrastructural improvements are needed, providing better working and living conditions. Economic growth, new workplaces, inclusive growth of rural communities, mutual understanding and respect are crucial factors for successful growth. Since the countryside developmental challenges are so widely intertwined, it is of major importance to raise the level of cooperation, mutual learning and coordinated action. Locally, such actions are less difficult to implement, owing to tight links among actors. However, the voice of the countryside is much clearer and louder when it sounds in harmony. Since its founding in 2002, the Slovenian rural development network, this has been our main motive. We operate as an NGO network for the development of Slovenian rural areas, awarded with the status of an association operating in the public interest in the field of agriculture.

Fields of operation

  1. Informing, training and promotion
  • Information exchange about the activities of the members
  • Informing the DRSP members about the association activities, CLLD activities, The National Rural Network activities at MKGP, and the rural development activities locally and internationally
  • Organizing trainings, consultations, conferences,and promotional events in the field of rural development (Festival of Slovenian LAG , LAG consultation)
  1. National CLLD contact point
  • Following the CLLD activities in Slovenia an EU
  • Informing and organizing events and conferences about the CLLD related topics
  • Representing the interests of members in institutions carrying out the CLLD
  1. Cooperation, representation and nationwide networking
  • Helping participants join the NGO network for Slovene Rural Development
  • Merging the Slovenian LAGs into a network
  • Participation of DRSP members in committees,boards, and authorities related to rural development coordinated by the government
  • Initiative and co-organising of Slovenian Rural Parliaments and participation in the European Rural Parliament initiatives
  • Cooperation with the government in the implementation of strategic documents for rural development in programme periods 2007 – 2013 and 2014 – 2020.
  1. International cooperation

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Društvo za razvoj slovenskega podeželja / The Slovenian rural development network

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